Your Swiss expert in factoring and credit insurance

Winsch International has built its reputation on a personal approach and a solid network of partners

Swiss expert in factoring and credit insurance
Credit sales have grown in recent years in response to the increasing globalization of international trade.
  1. 2010Winsch International
    Creation of the company, which quickly became one of the leaders in credit insurance and factoring consulting in Switzerland.
  2. 2013Schepers & Partner
    Winsch takes over Schepers & Partner AG, a major player in these fields for more than 15 years.
  3. 2015Winsch Europe
    Winsch obtains a European brokerage licence through its French subsidiary Winsch Europe SAS.
  4. 2017BARDO International Network
    The Winsch Group joins BARDO, one of the world's leading networks of credit insurance experts.

Winsch International, the choice of the best factoring and credit insurance company.

Winsch brings together consultants specializing exclusively in factoring and credit insurance and related fields (such as political risks).

Our group meets all the requirements of financial market supervisory authorities in Switzerland and the European Union. Our Swiss entities are registered with FINMA (N. 26566 and N. 17825) and our French entity has a European brokerage licence (ORIAS N. 15002114). We also regularly operate on the Lloyd's market in London (Lloyd's OMC 176862).

Winsch acts transparently and in the interests of its customers. Our activity is strictly regulated (FINMA, ORIAS) and each entity is covered by a professional liability insurance.

Our group is composed of 3 entities to best advise our Clients in Switzerland and abroad

3 entities for international service

Our group is made of 3 entities to best advise our Clients in Switzerland and abroad

Winsch International SA

Head office in Belmont-sur-Lausanne (CH)
FINMA n. 26566
Lloyd’s OMC 176862

Winsch Europe SAS

Headquarters in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (France)
Siren n. 809 765 720
ORIAS n. 15002114 (IAS et IOBSP)
Brokerage licence for all EU countries

Schepers & Partner AG

Head office in Belmont-sur-Lausanne (CH)
FINMA n. 17825
Our values
  1. Privileged personal approach
    We are always close to our customers and attentive to their needs.
  2. Responsiveness and professionalism
    With us, you are sure to have a quick, clear and reliable answer.
  3. Trust
    The trustworthy relationship we build with our customers and partners is essential.

Winsch offers its customers a high-performance local relationship.

We prefer proximity to our customers because it is an essential condition for success in the often complex areas of credit insurance and factoring.

An initial discussion with us will allow you to appreciate our values and expertise in these areas.

Companies trust us and adhere to our approach that combines listening, responsiveness and neutrality.

Our values

A single point of contact for collaboration based on trust

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Why work with Winsch
  1. Expertise
    Experts specialized in factoring and credit insurance, with a strong experience in these fields.
  2. Overall vision
    A large network of partners and tailor-made solutions in Switzerland and abroad.
  3. Independence
    Neutral advice dedicated solely to the interests of the clients we represent.
  4. Optimization
    By using our services, you will save time and money.

To develop in complete confidence with a team of professionals fully dedicated to your company's credit insurance and factoring needs.

When a company intends to use our services, we first discuss its project. Indeed, understanding its economic environment, development opportunities as well as its financial problems allows us to target our study and advise the company on the best choice to make among the different offers of our partners.

A team on a human scale

A team on a human scale

A team of professionals for a quality and reactive service

If we have been active in credit insurance and factoring for years, it is also because we are passionate about our business.

Each member of our team has at least ten years of experience in credit insurance, factoring or corporate finance. As former credit insurers, financiers and entrepreneurs, we fully understand the problems of companies and at the same time the functioning of factoring and credit insurance companies. This is how we can effectively support our customers in these areas.

Please do not hesitate to call us to meet our teams and discuss your project.