Credit insurance

Winsch International is one of the leading credit insurance companies in Switzerland due to its expertise and network of reliable partners.

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Do you need to protect your company against the risk of non-payment by one of your customers and want to develop your business safely?

Credit insurance, by Winsch InternationalTo develop its activity in complete safety.

Use our experience.

  • We are looking for the best solutions for you, in Switzerland and in Europe, to address your debtors' losses issue.
  • We will comment on the results of our study and draw your attention to the key elements of the proposed solutions.
  • Since credit insurance is a special field that requires daily monitoring, our experts will accompany you throughout the project.
  1. Acceptance of risk by the insurer
    Upstream, the insurer must confirm that it is able to cover a possible default by your buyer.
  2. Completion of credit sales
    You can therefore work safely and sell on credit.
  3. Insurance Coverage
    In the event of non-payment, the insurer will pay you up to 90% of the sum insured.
  4. Recoveries
    Most solutions offer outsourcing of collection procedures where appropriate.
credit insurance
Why not use Winsch International services for your credit insurance needs?

Advantages of credit insuranceIn a few decades, credit insurance has become essential to avoid debt losses.

  • Depending on their size, companies focus on various aspects of credit insurance.
  • An SME will entrust the credit insurer with tasks such as analysing the "customer risk" and taking charge of a possible recovery of trade receivables.
  • For their part, large companies will find quality support for their own credit management while insuring potential default risks.
  • Above all, credit insurance is very flexible and allows you to concentrate on what is essential: the smooth development of your business and access to new markets.
  1. Saving time and money
    Credit insurance allows you to outsource your credit management. The insurer analyses the risks and lets you benefit from its knowledge of your buyers.
  2. Balance sheet protection
    Debtors losses often place a heavy burden on company's accounts. Compensation of 90% greatly reduces this negative impact.
  3. Debt collection
    The insurer may also take care of the collection, taking all or part of the expenses at its expense.
  4. Flexible solution
    A credit insurance contract is set up very quickly and can be customized according to your needs.
  5. Daily management
    Remote access allows you to track your credit limits online.

Recommended criteria for accessing credit insurance solutions

  • For global solutions, a minimum of 5 buyers to be covered (less buyers on request)
  • A portfolio to be insured in eligible countries by insurers
  • At least CHF 1,000,000 of annual turnover
  • Type of transactions insured: B2B mainly
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