Winsch International is one of the leading credit insurance consultants in Switzerland, thanks to its expertise and its network of reliable partners.

You are looking to strengthen your skills in the fields of credit insurance and factoring?

Master the credit insurance and factoring processes Advisory services, by Winsch International

Use our expertise, in a confidential manner:

  • We check that the credit insurance policies you use as a guarantee fully cover your risks and are optimized.
  • We advise you on the implementation of adapted credit insurance processes.
  • We guide you step by step in the launch of a factoring product.
  • We provide you with a comprehensive and detailed overview of the factoring market in Switzerland and Europe.
  1. Audit of credit insurance policies
    With us, you can make sure that your credit insurance policy or the policies of financed customers sufficiently cover your risks.
  2. Improvement of credit insurance cover
    Increase your financing lines and profitability by improving the level of credit insurance coverage.
  3. Training in credit insurance
    Learn more about the technical aspects of credit insurance to better manage your risks.
  4. Managing a factoring activity
    Acquire the skills needed to launch/manage a factoring product while minimizing investor’s risk and discover the best market practices.
Why not use Winsch International advisory services in credit insurance and factoring?

Why get advice?Financing institutions more and more need to control their risks

  • Banks are often the beneficiaries of credit insurance policies, but they rarely control the actual insurance coverage due to the lack of necessary resources.
  • Another example, the factoring companies, especially those launched recently, often lack experience in this type of financing activity which is very different from traditional bank financing.
  • Finally, in the context of negative rates, investors are looking for alternative investments with attractive returns (such as factoring) and thus need to be advised by experts in order to avoid losses.
  1. Unique skills
    Winsch is one of the rare Swiss experts in these fields, with a established reputation among market players.
  2. Risk management
    Our advice in credit insurance and factoring will help you to mitigate your risks.
  3. Outsourcing
    The advisory and management of credit insurance and factoring topics are outsourced, bringing an added value and generating savings at the same time.
  4. Protecting your interests
    We help you prevent potential losses and stay by your side in case of difficulties.
  5. Highest confidentiality
    Winsch is already a privileged partner of financial institutions and guarantees the highest confidentiality of all exchanges.

Whom we advise on credit insurance and factoring?

  • Banks active in trade finance using credit insurance as a guarantee.
  • Banks financing SMEs and looking to strengthen contractual guarantees through credit insurance.
  • Factoring companies looking to optimize their risk control processes and to improve their credit insurance limits.
  • Investors (regardless of their legal form) who want to invest in factoring or who already manage a factoring portfolio.
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