Case Study

Interview with Mrs. Delphine Droze, Chief Operating Officer, Euptech

What does your company do?

Our company specializes in electrical engineering and we work extensively internationally.

What was your need?

Our development required a flexible factoring solution adapted to our needs. This was first and foremost our structure in Switzerland, for which we wanted to find a financing solution quickly.

What was Winsch's proposal?

After analysing and understanding our specificities, Winsch managed to set up a "multi-enterprise" factoring contract for us (i. e. in France and Switzerland) while negotiating optimal conditions.

Why did you trust Winsch for your factoring needs?

Our contacts at Winsch have the qualities we were looking for for this mission: professionalism, responsiveness and efficiency. In addition, they are always listening to us and have constantly defended our interests versus banking partners.

Interview with Mr Cyril Meyer, Senior Trader - Ecotrading SA à Genève

What does your company do?

We are commodity traders, located in Geneva and mainly specialized in sugar and rice trading.

How do you know Winsch?

Winsch's credit insurance team is made up of former credit insurers and we have known them since that time. When Winsch had been created, we have continued to work with them and we have never imagined to change the partner.

Why do you rely so much on Winsch for your credit insurance needs?

They specialize in credit insurance and it's immediately noticeable because they know all the ins and outs of credit insurance. They easily understand our expectations, anticipate the reactions of insurers and follow our contracts. In addition, the team is very stable which allows us to maintain a privileged relationship over the long term. It's very rare these days.

How would you recommend Winsch?

We have already recommended them without hesitation for their reactivity and expertise. Winsch has always defended our interests well, while maintaining a very good relationship with the insurers.