Winsch International is one of the leading factoring companies in Switzerland, thanks to its expertise and network of reliable partners.

Do you need to finance your business or growth and want to work with a reliable and solid financial partner over the long term?

Factoring, by Winsch InternationalSimple and clear operation.

A personalized factoring service:

  • We give you immediate access to the best factoring solutions.
  • We provide you with clear explanations and a precise price estimate.
  • Our offer is always personalized and our experts will accompany you throughout the project.
  1. Sending the invoice
    The company issues the sales invoice and sends it to its customer.
  2. Financing of the invoice
    It transmits this invoice to the factor who finances 90% of the amount within 48 hours.
  3. Payment by the customer
    On the due date, the customer pays the invoice directly to the bank account of the factor.
  4. Payment of balance
    The balance is transferred to the company by the factor when it receives payment from the customer.
Why not use Winsch International services for your factoring needs?

The advantages of factoringFactoring is attracting more and more companies by efficiently meeting their cash flow needs.

  • Factoring is a means of financing designed for companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity, often easier to access than bank credit.
  • Simple to set up and manage on a daily basis, this solution allows you to immediately improve your cash flow and grow your business.
  • The factor becomes a real financial partner who actively contributes to the success of your company.
  1. Quick financing
    The company receives the cash when the invoice is issued.
  2. Credit insurance
    Sales are insured against default by the debtor.
  3. Customer account tracking
    The factor manages the accounts receivable in cooperation with the company (payment delays, possible reminders).
  4. Flexible solution
    A factoring contract is set up very quickly and the financing is adapted according to your needs.
  5. Daily management
    Remote access allows you to follow your contract online.

Conditions for accessing factoring solutions

  • Rights-free receivables
  • Type of transactions financed: B2B and B2C
  • Sales preferably with at least 2-3 customers
  • Financing only possible if the goods are already delivered (the service already performed) and accepted by the customer.
  • Invoice payment period: 90 days maximum (longer period on request)
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